In another life, I would’ve been a professional travel photographer. But after two weeks on the road, I’m more than ready to get back home so I can return to my daily workout routine and healthy diet. Given my spontaneity, I must be such a fun person to be around. Is there someway to pack my healthy lifestyle so I can take it with me on a guilt-free vacation?

According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness travel is one of the fastest growing markets in tourism, leading hotels to place more of an emphasis on their fitness amenities. Some hotels are partnering with hospital systems to make wellness more accessible to travelers. Yoga festivals like Wanderlust and gyms like Equinox are also expanding into the travel industry, creating wellness-focused travel experiences.

While I have to admit that I love my dose of luxury travel, I’m also one to scour the internet looking for other culturally immersive, less expensive ways to stay fit and experience a new place.

I plan my itineraries with a mix of mostly DIY excursions (gotta get those steps in!) and locally sourced cuisine (local = better, right?!). There is so much to learn from other cultures, and every country has unique traditions that I love participating in. A bonus is finding a souvenir or an idea worth taking home. I’ve started Googling health and wellness practices in the different countries that I visit and learning about their medical remedies–which may or may not have withstood multiple, randomized clinical trials. Regardless, there is always an abundance of beliefs and practices surrounding health and wellness. Whether that amounts to a physical object or just a bunch of ideas, I always find these worth taking home.

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